Time Trends - Population Movement

The problem: Common attemps at displaying population movement over time fail to adequately summarize those changes in a meaningful and clear manner. People are often left trying to compare bar chart, excel sheets, or racking their brains to remember what the previous powerpoint slide reported about some year. Data visualization on a map fails in the same manner. It's hard to compare even two static heat maps with our eyes.

Our solution: Moving Centers of Gravity -- Simple but Powerful

Center of Gravity - The Meridian Difference

How can you apply a center of gravity calculation to demographic location? A thought experiment: Let's imagine a basketball. Now imagine gluing 10 pennies in a random pattern all over it. Now, drop that ball in bucket of water. It turns...right? You could, theoretically, place your finger at the new low point and balance the ball because you've found its new center of gravity. Now, the key point, imagine removing just 1 penny and place it back in the bucket. The new center of gravity location changed accounting for that slight change. It's much easier tracking a moving center of gravity location then trying to digest every new position for each time peiord. It's just as meaningful. So much information can be conveyed in this single moving point, and it's enormously easier for our brains to understand it.

center of gravity hand balance example

Basic Example

more comming soon....