Subscription Options


$40 monthly
cancel at any time
  • Unlimited area demographic reporting
  • Coverage: entire USA
  • Current year data release from US Census - American Community Survey
  • Data Visualization - Contour Plots
  • Set area using rectangle and polygon tools and extract the demographic estimates
  • 7 different map overlays
  • Style PDF and CSV report formats
  • Account page to store and access past reports
    • Demographics include:
    • Age by Sex
    • Household Income
    • Race
    • Marital Status by Sex
    • Hispanic / Latino
    • Education by Sex
    • Home Value
    • Occupation by Industry
    • Public Assistance
    • Vehicles Available
    • Housing Tenure (own vs. rent)


$60 monthly
cancel at any time

All Bronze plan features +

  • Refine site selection data visualization using combination of demographic dimensions
  • Target Market population estimates based on selected demographics
  • Zip Code specific data visualization and demographic reporting
  • Spot + Radius demographic reporting
  • 1, 3, 5 mile radius demographic estimates for each spot location included with every report


$80 monthly
cancel at any time

All Silver plan features +

  • Nearby Reporting - provides a list of establishment names by type that are in the vicinity of each spot location - a vital tool for competitor analysis and site selection
  • User defines the radius for establishment reporting
  • Choose up to 10 establishment types for each spot location
  • Historical Time Trends - 2010 to 2016 - animated moving centers of gravity for total population and each selected demographic dimension