Just a Few Simple Controls

Narrow the Target Market

  1. Click the Target button located at the bottom of the page.
  2. Make selections
  3. no selections = Total Population

Still using Internet Explorer? Please don't...Chrome and Firefox are free.

Define the Search Area

    Three Options:

      A: Type in a zip code (Silver and Gold plans)
      B: Use Polygon tool and make a series of clicks
      C: Use the Rectangle tool and click and drag

Drop a pin for a spot radius report

    Two Options:

      A: Click the Pin button and then click on desired location
      B: Use the search box

    If you made a mistake, just click to remove.

Adjust the Spot Radius

  1. Use the slider at the bottom.

Each report will automatically provide 1, 3, 5, 10 mile radius counts.

Create a Report

  1. Ensure you're logged in.
  2. A report needs to have an area defined and/or at least 1 spot/radius location.
  3. Click "Generate Report".
  4. Check your email or Account page for links to the report (pdf,csv,excel)

Area and Spot data will be included on the same report although it's not required to have both.