Where does your data come from?

ACS - US Census

What demographic categories does each report include?

Age, Median Age, Sex, Household Income, Median Household Income, Race, Marital Status, Educational Attainment Level, Occupation by Industry, Vehicle Counts

Here's a good resource for techical documentation: Social Explorer

Do you provide traffic counts?

No, and we pass that savings to you! Another reason is because our visualization can incorporate a population mobility factor. Traffic counts act as a crutch for a static view of the population.

If you absolutely have to have traffic counts and every other possible GIS bell and whistle, you might want to consider ESRI - ArcGis.

Do you provide historical data?

Yes, and we're particularly proud of this feature for its simplicity and effectiveness. For historical data visualization, please read about our moving centers of gravity on the Time Trends page. For historical data reporting, we provide 2010 and 2013 estimates in addition to the current year data on the CSV and Excel reports.

Is this residential or workplace data?

Residential only

How long is the trial period?

Currently, there is no length of time associated with the trial period. We give you 3 free demographic reports before asking that you activate a paid subscription.

Do you provide 1/3/5 mile radius data estimates?

Yes, the 1/3/5 mile estimates will be included for every spot location. On the pdf version of the report the 1/3/5 estimates usually start on page 6.

After I activate my monthly subscription, how many reports do I get?

Unlimited Reporting for monthly subscribers!

Sample demographic report?

Dallas Demographic Report

Can you do customized site selection or demographic analysis work?

Yes, please reach out directly for more information. Here's a sample consulting report: Case Study