Where does your data come from?

ACS - US Census

What demographic categories does each report include?

Age, Sex, Household Income, Race, Marital Status, Education Level

Here's a good resource for techical documentation: Social Explorer

Do you provide traffic counts?

No, and we pass that savings to you! Another reason is because our visualization can incorporate a population mobility factor. Traffic counts act as a crutch for a static view of the population.

If you absolutely have to have traffic counts and every other possible GIS bell and whistle, you might want to consider ESRI - ArcGis.

Do you provide historical data?

Yes, and we're particularly proud of this feature for its simplicity and effectiveness. Please read about our moving centers of gravity on the Time Trends page.

Is this residential or workplace data?

Residential only

How long is the trial period?

Currently, there is no length of time associated with the trial period. We give you 3 free demographic reports before asking that you activate a paid subscription.

After I activate my monthly subscription, how many reports do I get?

Unlimited Reporting for monthly subscribers!

Sample demographic report?

Dallas Demographic Report

Can you do customized site selection or demographic analysis work?

Yes, please reach out directly for more information. Here's a sample consulting report: Case Study

Bronze Plan FAQ

Can I get demographic data for a spot + radius with the bronze plan?

No, the Bronze plan is our most basic offering and is limited to area demographic reporting only. You can define an area using the rectangle or polygon tool on the map. Spot + radius reports require a Silver or Gold subscription.

Am I limited in the number of reports I can generate with this plan?

No, all plans are unlimited in the number of demographic reports they can generate.

I defined an area on the map and clicked the "report" button. Where is my report?

Links to the report are emailed to you. You can also find a chronological history of past reports on your Account page. If you can't find the links in either of these locations, please send a note to support@meridianecon.com and we'll get it fixed for you.

If I upgrade to a Silver or Gold plan in the middle of the month, is the charge prorated?

Yes, you'll be charged the prorated difference between the 2 plans for the month that you make the switch.

What demographics does a Bronze plan report include?

Age, Household Income, Race, Ethnicity, Sex, Marital Status and Educational Attainment. The restriction on Bronze plan subscribers is that they can't combine these demographics into a synthesized "target market count". You'll need a Silver or Gold plan to see a refined "target market count".

Silver Plan FAQ

What's the biggest difference between the Bronze and Silver plans?

The 3 significant differences between the Bronze and Silver plans:

  1. The ability to refine your target market down from "total population" to a combination of selected demographics. This turns the data visualization into a true site selection tool. The reports will also provide a "target market count" that will tell you how many people fit your demographic profile.
  2. Spot + Radius demographic reporting - you can type in an address or drop a pin then adjust the radius and get the reports. You'll also be provided 1,3,5,10 mile radius reports on every demographic report.
  3. Zip Code Reporting

If I upgrade to the Gold plan in the middle of the month, is the charge prorated?

Yes, you'll be charged the prorated difference between the 2 plans for the month that you make the switch.

Gold Plan FAQ

What's the biggest difference between the Silver and Gold plans?

The 2 significant differences between the Silver and Gold plans:

  1. Time Trends - Animated historical time trends allow you to visualize the population flow over time (2010 - 2016).
  2. Nearby Reporting - Shows you a list of establishment names by type and their locations. Think you have a good location for a new gym but need to make sure there are no other gyms within a mile from you? This feature allows you answer that question on the same demographic report. You can include up to 10 establishment types for each report.