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new york city spot demographic report

Area and Spot Reporting

Easily generate demographic reports for an entire area and/or spot radius locations. PDF and CSV file types

Each report provides 1, 3, 5 mile radius counts per location. Demographics include: Age, Income, Sex, Race, Education, Marital Status, Occupation by Industry, Vehicles Available, Home Value, Public Assistance and Housing Tenure (rent vs own).

philadelphia demographic data visualization

Demographic Data Visualization

Our powerful data-visualization provides insights far beyond the traditional heat maps. Beautiful contour plots allow for an easy comparison across a wide geographic area. Draw a polygon or type in a zip code and visualize the population.

demographic data trend for 2010 to 2018

Time Trends

Historical population movement in a simple but elegant visual story. Understand the past to make predictions on the future. Annual data for 2010 and 2013 in addition to the latest 2018 ACS data release is included on a excel and csv version of our demographic reports.

simple controls to select target market demographics for retail site selection

Simple Controls

We keep it simple so that you can easily visualize your target market, find the best location, and create a demographic report. Combine demographic factors into a single customer or target profile.